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Manufacturers interested in participating in the Guide send us samples of their toys, not all of which pass the tests they are required to undergo. 54 companies have participated in this edition, providing a total of 232 toys for study and analysis. Of these, 40 were finally rejected. The remaining toys and the results of their study and analysis are the main content of this Guide.


They are carried out by AIJU's Educational Department in collaboration with 13 toy libraries and 8 infant schools from all over Spain, as well as a considerable number of families who, as consumers, have given their opinion about the toys. These centres have witnessed the direct observation of children's play with each toy for 100 hours in a free play environment, analysing such factors as play and interest value, versatility, reactions of children and parents, design, packaging, recommended age, quality of instructions and learning potential, according to the ESAR system and the LOGSE (Law Regulating the Educational System in Spain

In addition, and in order to ascertain to what extent these toys could be used by disabled children, we have benefited from the collaboration of ONCE (Spanish Organisation for the Blind) and CEAPAT (State Centre for Independence and Technical Assistance. Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs). Both these bodies have helped us study the toys from this perspective, and as a result, some of the symbols that accompany each toy entry refer to their suitability for use by disabled children (visual, auditory or motor).


Once the studies have been completed, those toys deemed to be worthy of recommendation are included in this Guide. Primary schools, toy libraries, paediatricians, local authorities, consumer organisations, nursery schools, specialised journals and other cultural or play-related bodies all participate in its distribution. This Guide has been published in English and Spanish and is distributed nationally and internationallyl. Untitled Document

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